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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Cape Bojador, Whales and Dolphins of Morocco, and Azemmour.

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Mythical Sea Monsters of Cape Bojador

Appearing as a slight bulge on the coastline in modern maps, Cape Bojador in Western Sahara does not appear to be much of an obstacle to overcome, and yet for ancient mariners it was. Many failed attempts resulted in loss of l...

Whales and Dolphins of Morocco

Stretching from the Western Sahara in the south to Algeria in the west, Morocco's coastline is washed by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with the magnificent Strait of Gibraltar separating Morocco from Spain...

Visit the City of Azemmour

The city of Azemmour (also Azamor), located on the bank of the Oum Er-Rbia River, is well known for its talented artists and exquisite beach that attracts water sport enthusiasts. This peaceful destination has a long history a...

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